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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

TV Turns Religion Into a Popularity Contest (Blog 4)

When you turn on the television, there is hundreds and thousands of stations. It is hard to choose which station to watch, but technology easily categorized these stations -sports, comedy, news, drama, cartoons, kids, stations for men, stations for women, etc. This makes it easy for one to choose. If one wants to feel spiritually connected to God, one can turn on religious channels. The media has definitely made religion conveniently accessible.

Religion has capitalized on the benefits of technology. It used to be that churches are the central place for an individual to connect and to know God, but with the coming of technology, the church has lost it’s central role. For example, Christianity is all over the television, radio, internet, etc. One would find it hard to avoid since it is broadcast everywhere. They use the media as the instrument for their services because this means of communication is quick, easy, and can reach a larger audience. They are able to feed their messages at a faster speed to a wider range of people at varies times.

For some people, television has become a kind of religion for them since it informs them of news about the world. The people of religion has utilized the media to make a place for themselves in these people’s homes. They would preach their values to the masses in various different ways, trying to include and to entertain everyone. For example, there are performances by Christian rock bands, shows on using the power of God to heal the sick, etc. In a sense, it is sort of like missionary work, trying to promote their value and religion through publicity. It also leaves the impression that the Christian religion is on a display and is for sale.

The media has become a spiritual marketplace. People can now pick and choose the type of messages they want to hear and create their own interpretation of these messages. On the basics of their own interpretation, they are able to get their own conclusion. The media appears to be an influential voice, which makes frightening.


  • I agree 100% TV is controlling everything. the media has such an influence on society, and religion is just another victim of the media's manipulation.

    By Blogger Emmanuel Quezada, at 2:25 PM  

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