Religion & Politics: USF Fall 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Truth Within Media?

Though out the civilization, there have been numerous instances of technology interacting with religion. Ship voyages made an easier effort for missionaries to spread outside their ideas outside of Europe, printing made religious readings readily available to those who were literate, mass media made the spread of religious programming and ideas available to those who possessed the technology.

The technology that can be in a form of a television or an internet access can provide almost real time news reporting. We count on media such as news reports to give us fair, unbiased, view of the places that are located within our reach. Unfortunately, we maybe relying on media too much, especially since it has been made convenient for our use.

Mass media is supposed to present us with information, it is for us to judge and made conclusions on the issues at hand. Since we are exposed to a wide variety of information, we can pick and chose what we like. Majority of what we chose is what we like, or want to hear. It’s the information that favors our views. We chose to watch one show over the other since we acknowledge that what we watch has a biased, biased that we are interested in.

A recent British Counsel discussed the issue of media affecting the image of Islam. It’s of no surprise to us that media is biased. From a personal view, media should only present the information and let us decide what happened. Unfortunately, majority of us require mass media to present us with such information since we are far away from the place of action. Even though the information can be presented to us, it still can have a biased view on it.
Nobody should be surprised that some, if not a large part of what we see as ‘truth’ is staged. According to this website, which again should be taken with a grain of salt, Reuters among many other sources have been digitally editing photographs. Such manipulation of props or actually digital ‘enhancement’ might get more attention from the public, get deeper feeling that might affect their decision making. Such bias can ultimately effect our religion based decisions, such as to criticize one religion while giving praise to the other group solely based on manipulated information that was presented to us.

Personality, if media was one of the greater technologies to spread news, make religion wide open with the use of worships broadcasted over our television, it can also kill it. Hopefully with even further media advancements, it will be possible to see more than one sided presentations of information. With the help of SRM , it will be easier to distinguish any future relationships between these two huge powerful entities, Religion and Media.


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