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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Second New Leader Resigns from the Christian Coalition

The Christian Coalition named a new leader and removed him before he took office. The Christian Coalition and the Rev. Joel Hunter did not differ on scripture; however the two sides disagreed on politics. The Christian Coalition considers their base to care about issues such as gay marriage and abortion. Therefore, when the Rev. Hunter wanted to expand the Christian Coalition's agenda to include poverty, global warming, and HIV/AIDS the board rejected his vision and his appointment. My understanding of the article and the little I know about the organization leads me to believe this evangelical coalition decided to pursue a politically conservative agenda rather than act on behalf of the greater good. America's pluralistic, secularized nation has room for the Christian Coalition to exist, but, are they living up to Christ's teachings? If individuals, groups, and organizations cannot separate their religion from their politics, when does their politics begin to control their faith and potentially corrupt their religion? I think the Christian Coalition needs to decide whether they're a political group with strong faith or a religious group with political views. When the Christian Coalition no longer wants to serve the poor, the hungry, and the sick, I believe they've lost sight of the teachings of God.


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