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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Religious Hypocrites

Reverend Billy’s character to me is that of pure entertainment, acting, and humor. Although he says that one day he just had this feeling to one day say that Mickey Mouse was the Anti-Christ, I do not believe that these sorts of feelings can overcome a person. He says that he was possessed to become this character, and yes it is a character but only a character. No one could have feelings that are true like this in our world, at least I believe so.
Some of the things that went on in the video tape and the audio, was very convincing but that’s when you have to be able to tell the difference between acting and reality. Reverend Billy may be a very likeable person and a lot of people may actually agree with his views but he still has to live a life also. He still has to go shopping whether it is for food or Christmas presents. He still has to get his daily dose of caffeine. Most people no matter what they think or say that they think will eventually become a hypocrite.
Hypocrites in today’s world especially in the religious area are uncalled for. People can believe or not believe. They can not make up their own rules about religion. Yes there are many different types of religion but all are based on some sort of scripture. It might be from God and his disciples, or it could be from the Dali Lama, or even Muhammad. These people came up with rules and guidelines for their beliefs for others to follow. The language barrier does make things a little more difficult as far as translation is concerned but what I am trying to say is that you cannot make up your own guidelines, you either follow it or not.
For example, I am a Lutheran, I believe that Jesus was born and died for our sins and that God is forgiving of all sins. With this said, I have experienced a few religious hypocrites in my lifetime. I have had fellow church members who when they are at church they are al nice and kind and very religious, saying that they pray all the time and so forth. Well then when they are at home they are the total opposite, they are talking about people from our church including our pastor. These sorts of people are fakes, they are hypocrites of themselves and the religion, and they are liars.
What I am trying to say is that everyone including ourselves is a hypocrite, liar and a cheater of religion. Yes there are very devout people such as monks and nuns, but basically there is no getting out of sinning. No matter if what our scriptures say we all make our own guidelines according to how our lives are going, how busy we are, and how are emotions are at the current time. Basically by talking about Reverend Billy, and other people that I know personally including myself, it would be very hard for anyone to say that they are not hypocritical of their religion and its guidelines. No one except for Jesus Christ and God will ever be perfect in this world and throughout this class I have truly learned that.


  • I very much agree with you that what Rev. Billy does, while sometime convincing is most definately not religion. I do however believe he can "preach" such a message and not be a hypocrite. You say that "He still has to go shopping whether it is for food or Christmas presents. He still has to get his daily dose of caffeine." If he believes in his own message/act enough he doesn't- maybe he doesn't drink coffee or maybe he doesn't celebrate Christmas (in fact I'd be supirsed if he did or at least if he did with presents). I do understand what you are saying-- no one can avoid shopping altogeter. I do not think that is really his message- I think he is saying that the way we are consumers first- that we are constantly sent a message to consume and that even after 9/11 the message from our president was please go shop- "patriotism is shopping?" It is this consumerism this spending $4.00 for a latte (which I am most guilty of) can be pretty hard to justify when you look at other people around the world literally dying for want of food or even for want of water- while we essentially waste BILLIONS every year on nothing that could save the world- literlly SAVE the world- under that point of view it's hard not to feel a larger message through the supposed Rev. sermons. -Stephen

    By Blogger stephen, at 1:52 AM  

  • I definitely agree with you that Reverend Billy’s character is solely for entertainment purposes. Even though he does like you said preach certain messages, it is very hard for one to follow every single one of them even he can’t, but one can and probably should take a small part of his messages into consideration. We live in a bubble-like world of constant consumerism. We are savage consumers who only worry about material items. Just look at the people who were willing to wait outside a Bestbuy store for at least five days and nights in the freezing cold for the new PlayStation3. They would even use violence to make sure they are the first to get the limited PS3. This shows how the consumer market has certainly shifted one’s focus of poverty to the focus of spending money on unnecessary items. -Wendy.

    By Blogger Wendy P, at 3:43 AM  

  • I also believe that Reverend Billy is solely a character for entertainment that is there to poke fun of our consumerism habits that every person has. However, I do agree that we sometimes do take it to the extreme, and our habits of buying material objects turns into this obession. Reverend Billy makes it noticeable that people do take shopping as a serious matter and sometimes it does seem that shopping and material objects are our sole purpose of living, and maybe the way we go about it gives consumers this bad image.

    By Blogger lauren, at 9:01 AM  

  • I think there is another aspect to hypocracy that you don't really touch on. This is holding other people to standards that you don't hold yourself to, not necessarily just failing to uphold your own beliefs. Hypocracy is a major problem when it comes to religion. From priests that sexually molest children, to people talking badly about their pastor or other members of the church, hypocracy can be found in many places of relgion. And when it comes to Reverend Billy, I agree with you that he is being hypocritical by preaching one thing and doing another, but that he is also just an actor. His point is to draw attention to these issues, not to completely get rid of them. Everything in America is in excess, and I think this is his major argument.

    By Blogger helinkenhoker, at 1:23 PM  

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