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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Left Behind Game (extra credit)

A reflection of how our society has changed through mass media can be seen in the example of a company like Left Behind Games where they are able to enter a market that before would have been seen a Christian based game. The statistics given by Troy Lyndon in “The New God Game,” ( states an estimated 90 million actually want high quality entertainment that appeal to our core beliefs. The video game Left Behind: Eternal Fore is based upon an interpretation of Revelation in which God comes and takes all believers to heaven. The name Left Behind refers to the idea that those who are left behind are the wicked and the nonbelievers, as wells as those whose fate is not yet known. Michael Pachter, a video game analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities believes that the inspirational marketplace could represent as much as 10 percent of the video game industry. The author Troy Lyndon believes that from a missionary’s perspective, a quality Christian video game is a means to reach the lost; those without hope or faith.
I believe that the game is targeted to a particular audience and those who are willing to buy it. Not everyone is going to buy the game and people who will enjoy the game should enjoy the game. There are many other games such as Grand Theft Auto which involves killing and stealing cars is also target to a particular audience that is willing to buy and enjoy the game. The game is not targeted to everyone in the public, but only to the people would enjoy the game. All the controversy regarding game is not new, there are many other games and movies that bring the same controversy such as the movie Jesus Camp, it is really up to each individual person to have make the choice of what they believe in.


  • Certainly every single product that is sold on the market has a purpose and a target group. A game like “Left Behind” does possess the missionary message of the nature of good versus evil. How good will prevail and evil will fail. The way I feel about this game is that it is just another way to either reinstate or convert a person’s religion. It seems to me that this game is advocating the idea that if you do not believe in God, you will be condemn to hell. -Wendy.

    By Blogger Wendy P, at 3:48 AM  

  • What I've heard of this game leads me to believe that it does not reflect the storyline of the books, which I have read and very much enjoy. I think it's unfortunate, because the books themselves are intriguing and would probably make for a very interesting game as is, without trying to tweak them for a video game audience. However, the books' authors are promoting the game, so I'll give it a try. Maybe the game is better than the reviews say it is.

    I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy a good video game. As a believer, I would like to see more Christian video games. I played a very interesting game called Catechumen a while back, and the best part about that game was if you were fighting a human being (as opposed to a demon, which also appear in the game), you don't actually kill them. Once you fire enough shots, they get down on their knees and start praying. I think it's good to take the violence out of the game as much as possible.

    By Blogger Michael Vick, at 3:04 PM  

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