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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hillary Clinton (extra credit)

The First Woman President

In a discussion at the beginning of the year we talked about the 2008 presidency and if a woman president would be a worthy candidate. Hillary Clinton began discussions last week with fellow New York lawmakers about her White House prospects and met Sunday with the state's Democratic governor-elect, all indications she is stepping up plans to join the 2008 ballot of potential contenders for the presidency, and is more than a worthy opponent. However, some Democrats still believe the odds are against her actually being elected president. Dick Harpootlian, a former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party not aligned with any presidential hopeful, is among the nay-Sayers. “She’s a senator, she'd be the first woman running, and she's Hillary Clinton," he said. "All of that is almost insurmountable for a general election.” He added: "There are people who would write a check and die for her, but there are plenty of others who wouldn't vote for her if she promised to eliminate the income tax and give free ice cream to everyone.” People have made up their minds about her, and that doesn’t give her much room to maneuver.” (
Many feel a woman president may not do as well or make good decisions under pressure as a man would such as, decisions for war. Other such as, Chris Lehane say, “Hillary Clinton has a good sense of self.” He also remarked, “I don't think she makes this race unless she thinks she has a pretty good chance of wining the whole thing.”


  • I have been reading a couple articles about Hillary Clinton looking to join the 2008 Ballot of potential contenders for the presidency. And I feel she is a more than qualified candidate for the election. Already nationwide polls place her well ahead of other potential Democratic presidential candidates and most other contenders. And since of November, many have consider her one of the frontrunners for the 2008 presidential election. The nomination of Clinton alone would be groundbreaking considering no woman has ever been nominated for the Presidency by a major party.

    By Blogger Bobby Ewing, at 4:22 PM  

  • I had the chance to hear Hillary Clinton speak at an event I attended in Washington, D.C. While I definitely feel that she would make a good president, and she would certainly have my vote if she were to get the nomination, I'm not sure she can win. You make a good point when you mention the quote about her being a senator, which in and of itself is a hurdle. Most senators who run for president don't win, because they have a long list of votes that can trip them up. With all her other baggage, I don't see her picking up any part of the South. I think the Democrats would do well to pick a different candidate in 2008.

    By Blogger Michael Vick, at 2:54 PM  

  • I agree with Mike. I also would like nothing more than to see an intelligent, qualified and deserving woman become the president of the United States. Unfortunately, and along with many other things i'd really like to see happen in America, our nation as a whole doesn't elect major changes very well. Perhaps something like this would be possible after a number of gradual steps leading up to it, such as a woman being nominated but losing, take place first. The quote in your article is also very true of candidates that are so well known that they don't have much room to gain or lose votes. Hillary is a figure that people will likely already have an opinion about and will not even consider allowing that opinion to change.

    By Blogger tavo, at 11:51 PM  

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