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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Extra Credit- Evangelical Teens in S.F.

After researching for my fouth blog assignment I came accross an article published in March of this year. I know this article is months old, but I found it completely relevant to the topic of culture war. On March 25, 2006, 25,000 evangelical youth rallied at AT&T park. They rallied in response to popular media and its corrupting message to our youth. This demonstration was led by Concord native, Ron Luce. Though a rally, it still cost $55 dollars at the presale price and $199 at the door. He believes the media "glamorizes violence and sex." He wants youth to learn about Christs message to combat teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and suicide. He believes MTV and are channels for this deviance and lack of morals. Of course this rally had the support of Jerry Falwell and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. It was not so popular on the San Francisco front however. There were protesters outside the park chanting for pro-choice and aethiests. Even Mark Leno was interviewed and named these protesters "loud and abnoxious." Other protesters inside the park simply named their acts as worshipping together.

The evangelical "worshippers" sent priests out into the communities of SF to try and help with the problems of homelessness and drug addiction. They want to spread a Christian message- a bit more intense than just helping with social problems- they want to change the face of our pop cultured youth.

I think this protest is fine and a freedom anyone should be able to participate in. However, I do not agree that they should go to the most liberal city in the country to get their message accross. If you have assemblymemember Leno completely disregarding them as obnoxious, they are in the wrong city. I don't think abrasive behavior completely demeaning what San Francisco stands for- a tolerated and accepting society, should be influenced by this behavior. One protester held a sign saying "I came here to get away from people like you." I think that statement is strong enough to understand that antagonistic behavior is not only inefective but not wanted.

This culture war that seems prevalent within our youth is on going and obviously not coming to an end. It has been outlined in this article as the secular left and religious right. Even the media presents information to impose this culture war. The writer of this article specifically interviewed a political leader- Mark Leno and other political analysts.


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